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Yoga means Union: Union of Mind, Body, and Spirit.

When we allow surrender of the body and stillness of the mind, a unique experience is allowed to flourish. These three aspects of Self properly align. They come together with grace, strength and beauty to create synchronicity and harmony within. This sense of Divine peace begins to naturally well up and then pours outward, so all that we do and all that we become is now conscious, deliberate.

We act as a Spirit gifted with the tool of a physical body. We see more clearly that we bring the seed of thought into physical space. Yet it is the Mind that needs clearing, a place to still and focus..and we find it to rest most naturally within the breath. Through regular Yogic practice, we see how the stilling of the Mind into the breath creates a natural surrender of the body toward a Divine purpose. We act in accordance of One. Oneness with the Universe, with Self, each other and with all living things upon our Earth. With this realization, we come to more clearly understand the implications of our manifestations. We begin taking more care and responsibility, heeding the importance of forgiveness of self and others; we see that they are not mutually exclusive.

This awareness of free will and choice is predicated upon the notion of true Union. We touch and freely give life to our visions, hopes and dreams and allow them to flourish here upon the Earth, utilizing our bodies for the grandest purpose: To pursue, live and be our Truth. Spirit acting through the body, a Co-Creator. This gift was never meant for just some. It was meant for us all. You are Divine, you are Love, you are joy..and I Welcome you home!

I consider it my absolute pleasure to offer the gift of Yoga. It is my Joy! Allow me the opportunity to assist you in achieving your personal goals, goals of growth and healing be they physical or emotional so that you may see the Spiritual essence of your Divine perfection, which needs no healing!

With Peace Love and Light,


Tara Jones