A former graduate of Rutgers University in Sociology and Journalism, I continued my interest in Biology by obtaining a teaching certificate in Biological Science to teach at the high school level. Very spiritual in nature, I began to see the correlation between earth science/life science/the body/metaphysics and all of life as an integral system of One!

True health is a blending of the physical essence with a harmonious Spirit-based mind. The Love I have for others’ true health and wellness is always at the forefront of my mission and was the impetus for becoming a Certified Yoga Wellness Coach.

Inspired by my own personal awakening, it is my goal to heal others, with the understandings that we are all privy to when we tap into Universal Consciousness. Unfortunately, most of us do not hear or heed the call. It is only when our lives completely fall apart and we are literally numb, in a state of shock, that we allow the flow to take over our lives. We learn to let go and surrender. 

My story is a testimony of this: After my marriage fell apart with 3 very young children and blooming to over 220 pounds, losing my home and more, I finally lost the energy to continue. I lost all hope of seeing any way out. This is when true surrender occurs and the magic of the Universe and nature takes over. No longer driving my way through life, I began trusting intuitive flow and stepped where I was guided. I strengthened those aspects of myself that were weak and became a strong yet beautifully soft individual!

By blending all of the aspects of Mind, Body, and Spirit I guide others and gently instruct how to allow all parts of the Self to flourish, together as one. With over 5 years teaching the various techniques of Yoga (Body & Mind) I also enjoy teaching other forms of exercise including Total Body Fitness, Dance and the art of Meditative Running.

Understanding the connections between the physical and the Spiritual worlds, I aim to assist those struggling to make sense of their lives. Through the avid love of Yoga, health related matters, and humanity, I offer you Mind Body Spirit Facilitation. Which is the True Essence of Yoga!