Journey Back to Center


Categorized under the Mind, in our MBS Facilitation is an essential aspect necessary for cogitatively understanding this entire system: the brain.  No longer do we wander aimlessly, but are deliberately conscious of our actions as Spiritual Beings, consciously making choices.  As we wipe the sleep from our eyes, we become coherent through our awakening as we journey towards enlightenment.  We deductively reason and intellectually transfer this new information, so that we may organize and integrate all parts of the Self, back together, correctly. 

The Journey Back to Center Workshop is vital to your mind work, assisting in the cognitive understandings, intellectualizing your process and experiences.  This is a key component to understanding the process of Universal Consciousness Awakening, that we are co-experiencing as well.  So we begin to see there is a grand story to humanity and that we all have our own story and place within it.

Part I
Of the workshop consists of understanding the human experience as a Spiritual Journey. We will begin to examine why our current model of life, although beneficial in many ways is also leaving many of us with a sense of Spiritual emptiness. We examine our current modes of health, healing  and wellness only to discover a dead end of sorts, where we circle around with little or no further growth in our process.  We become disillusioned and frustrated and return to our old ways. We will review main concepts such as: who we are as humans, why we are here and our place in the Universe.  We will discuss our current paradigm of thought and discover why life seems to “work” for some people and not for others. We will also discuss our current thought patterns and how they lead us to believe things are happening TO US.  Subsequently, we will learn how to shift this thinking into being a Co-Creator in the Universe and affect our external circumstances.

Part II
Consists of deeper understandings of how to peel back the layers of the externally created self, in order to live life closer to the True Self.  This is essential for creating genuine happiness.  We will explore the concept of the mirror and how external circumstances are showing us either the error of our thought process or the proper thinking patterns that create the world around us.  We will define what is internal vs external, the masculine and feminine parts of the self, concepts of mind, body, and spirit as well as the tools at your disposal to create and manifest.  We will discuss  the role ego  plays versus the True Self and how the Universe has been assisting and is assisting for you to come back to Center.    We will also begin to touch upon how your own personal story is the same story as that of mankind.  We will also explore topics of how earthly life operates as a dichotomy versus who we really are, as One.

Part III
Discusses archetypes, such as Adam and Eve, Shiva Shakti, King Arthur and others as well as Biblical references, other geo-cultural/spiritual myths and their importance.  We will discover how cues and clues from the Universe have been guiding us throughout our human journey and how they pertain to you and to humanity.  We will begin to see how these deeper understandings have been assimilated into our culture in order to guide us along on our journey of awakening. We will see how nursery rhymes, classic movies, books and stories, as well as hit songs have all played a major role, sharing this same message of global awakening.  Topics such as religion, numerology, astrology, tarot and even Wicca will be discussed to show their correlation to each other and how these different modalities lead to the same source.   We begin to understand how the Universe is of perfect, Divine order from an existentialist philosophy, in order to send the message of awakening.  We will begin to see how these unique modalities to lead us back to Center, ignite the individual heart, giving it freedom of Self-creation and the same for the rest of mankind. We will also touch upon the concepts of good and evil, their deeper meanings throughout history and man’s current social imperative to seek collective consciousness in our process of ascension.  

Part IV
The Nature of Things, The Nature of You

In this final part of the series, we will see how the biological nature of life, the body and its mechanics from an anatomical and physiological standpoint mimic the natural flow and the order of how things operate here on the planet.  We will discuss Chakra energy centers, DNA, RNA and viruses, sun and moon cycles, seasonal cycles, oxygen and carbon dioxide transfers and how they pertain to plant life and human life.  Similarly, we will delve into the understandings of the water cycle of earth and sky, and how these cycles directly relate to manifestation of our dreams. We will touch upon the theory of alchemy and how it relates to the aforementioned topics as well.  We begin to discover why we get things wrong in our lives and how to eliminate erroneous thought processes in order to reach our goals. Physics as well as quantum theory will be touched upon as well and how it pertains to the Law of Attraction. 
Hand-Outs and Workbooks will be included


$75 per Workshop
$200 for the four part series