Reiki Trainings

Level I & II Attunements

During the Reiki attunement I & II process you will receive the ability to give Reiki treatments. Myself, a Usui Reiki Master, will administer the attunement. During the attunement, I will touch the students’ head, shoulders, and hands and use one or more special breathing techniques. The attunement energies flow through me, the Reiki Master and into the student. These special energies are guided by the Higher Power and make adjustments in the students’ energy pathways and connect the student to the source of Reiki. Because the Higher Power guides the energetic aspect of the attunement, it adjusts itself to be exactly right for each student. During the attunement, some students feel warmth in the hands; vibratory energy-type flow throughout the body, while others may see colors or has visions of spiritual beings. However, it is not necessary to have an inner experience for the attunement to have worked. Most simply feel more relaxed.

During these attunements of both Reiki I & II you are given three Reiki symbols and you will also receive the accompanying crystals for these symbols. The symbols are empowered by the Reiki attunement. One symbol is for Universal Energy focus, one for emotional healing and the other for distant healing.

In regards to the distance healing symbol you may use a picture of the person you would like to send Reiki to or may write the person’s name on a piece of paper or simply by thinking of the person and also activating the distant symbol, you can send Reiki to them no matter where they are. They could be hundreds of miles away, but it makes no difference. The Reiki energy will go to them and treat them. You can also send Reiki to crisis situations or world leaders and the Reiki energy will help them too.
When giving a Reiki treatment, the Reiki energy flows through the practitioner before leaving the hands and flowing into the client. Because of this, the practitioner receives a treatment also. As the Reiki energy flows through the practitioner, she/he will feel more relaxed and uplifted. Spiritual experiences sometimes take place. The practitioner sometimes receives insights about what the client needs to know to heal more deeply.
• The Usui Reiki I & II attunements which increases the strength of your Reiki energy.
• Reiki meditation that strengthens the mind and expands consciousness.
• Advanced techniques for using Reiki to solve problems and achieve goals.
• The use of crystals and stones with Reiki.
• How to make a Reiki grid that will continue to send Reiki to yourself and others after it is charged.
• Reiki psychic surgery that allows you to remove negative psychic energy from yourself and others and send it to the light.
• A guided meditation that introduces you to your Reiki guides wherein you receive healing and information.

*The attunement process is generally around 6 hours several in length depending on the amount of people signed up for the course
Cost for Usui Reiki Level I & II Attunements: $225
CD and Corresponding Crystals with Symbols will be provided

Trained Usui Reiki Master Teacher (III)

Honoring my natural gift as a healer, I decided to blend my own working knowledge with this God given gift (in which we all have) with that of the Ancient Art of Reiki. I received my training as a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, by Master Lee Van Zyl of Reiki North East. Utilizing the sacred symbols of the attunements with my own healing abilities that I’ve always had seems to be a powerful synergy indeed! Balancing those energies of depression, addiction, erratic behavior, dull or heavy energies or even nervous energies. These malevolent energies are frequently looped instead being naturally removed from the body by way of the spinal cord. Normally the exhalation assists in the release through the feet or where the earth and body meet. 

Many feel they can’t give up the negative thought process or the pain associated with it.  They feel that it is their burden, so they hold on to it for various reasons. Allowing energy flow through the spine assists in the proper release of thoughts (positive or negative), pain, joy and sadness alike! We aren’t to hold on to anything. It all must be given up. Give it up to the Universe above or give the conflict to the earth below for cleansing. But give it up you must! This is an earth/sky sky/earth system with you in the middle. Erroneous thought process or fear tends to stagnate the natural energy flow. It will always move, but if it doesn’t move up or down, it becomes trapped or looped, causing chronic pain or disease overtime that stagnates in the body.   Reiki assists in clearing the shushumna, or energy channel through the spinal cord, clearing the chakras along the spine. This reignites the nadis, similar to nerve endings so we can feel well again!

We all have the capacity to heal immediately, yet some energy blockages are more serious than others and may require more than one session. Depending on the seriousness or the length of time a body has blocked its energy flow, one can experience immediate relief and vitality or simply an enhanced feeling of well-being. This work is one of a cooperative nature with the Universe above, Mother Earth, myself as the energy conduit and with you, the one being healed, it is essential to come willingly with an open heart and with an open mind-NO EXPECTATIONS...just relax and simply enjoy the experience!

The basic premise of what I with the Usui Reiki System is to ground this heavier/denser energy through myself and through to the earth, for cleansing.  The effect is the restoration of your original energy body! Many feel an amazing experience, and others a subtle shift, along the lines of a uniquely gentle sense of exuberance! Some never need to return and others find it necessary to enjoy periodic sessions!

Healing Sessions
30 min $80
60 min $125
1 ½ hours $150

As a Reiki Master Teacher I am able to attune for Levels I & II as well as for those wishing to become a Master Teacher themselves!

For more information on Reiki Share Workshops & Level I and II attunements, and Workshops to become a Reiki Master Teacher, please see the Workshop Seminars Page!