Wellness Coaching

This path takes courage, stamina, faith and I guarantee you will be delighted with the new you—the REAL YOU! As a Certified Yoga Wellness Coach, I will show and share with you the aspects of your nature that are strong and also guide you to see the aspects and skills necessary for you to strengthen and grow. This is not my work; it is yours. Allow me to guide you. Begin to see the true you emerge and what will begin to appear through your process is the mission you have come here to accomplish and share with others.

As we know the mind and the brain are considered synonymous by many. They are in certain ways inextricably linked. So when we do our “Mind” work through Yoga Life Coaching, it is quite vital that we understand with our “Brain” work, through the Workshops and Seminars. The Journey Back to Center discusses these in detail in a four part series. I teach these uniquely different yet connected modalities of understanding, through metaphysics, biology, Yoga, existentialist theory, sociology, physics, cause and effect, dream interpretation and more. It was after putting all of these pieces together that I realized that I could individualize each person’s growth according to their current life path and story and assist in ending the damaging cycles of pain that so many suffer from. By combining my intuitive nature, deductive reasoning through listening to the patterns of ones life story and that of Universal Consciousness, I facilitate the path through this unique form of Yoga Wellness Coaching.

Half Hour session: $80
One hour: $125
One and a half hours: $150
By phone, by skype or in person at the Wellness Center of North West Jersey!