With over 700 hours Certification, and 5 years of experience, I dedicate myself to teaching the ancient art of Yoga to the young and the old alike, able bodied, mentally and physically challenged, in large groups and small, intimate groups and privately as well.   I am here to help you open up your practice, or to begin your new practice, safely and to help build your confidence!   I make it my mission to assist you, making the connection between your breath, your body and your true Spiritual essence!

Styles of Yoga practice

Vinyasa Flow:
The more physical aspect of the Asanas, will begin with a gentle warm up in order to focus the mind and to ease the body into postures. Modifications will be provided to accommodate all levels, challenging poses and balances (along with their modifications) is a safe way to discover your limits.  We will also work with the length of time remaining in the Asanas in order to build confidence and tolerance of mind!

The Hatha Yoga Experience
The more traditional form of Hatha Yoga, utilizing relaxation techniques, Pranayama or breath work, and use of the physical postures or Asanas.  Incorporating all of these aspects to settle and focus the mind results in an increase of flexibility and range of motion, two key components to health and fitness.  The tremendous benefits to the parasympathetic nervous system bring a sense of peace rapidly to the physical body. 

In meditation, we will explore different techniques of meditation including imagery, mantras, sound, mudras, Pranayama (breath work) and more! This unique experience does take practice and patience.  Yet over time we come to understand ourselves and our relationship to the world around us a little more.

Hatha Yoga may include a small meditation at the end of class.  An in depth Meditation Class can always be offered for those interested! Feel free to ask for details!

Private session: $90 1 ½ hour
Small group session: (2-4)  1 ½ hour
*Available at Be Well Morristown or North West Wellness Center of NJ by appointment or at your home (cost may vary)
Phone or email to schedule appointment for Yoga Sessions